Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our little photo shoot!

We had a little photo shoot at home the other day! The pics turned out ok! And best of all...they were free! Although, I need to go get his pics done professionally. Ideally, I would like to get all THREE together...but I'm not sure I could handle that stress!! Haha! So, until then...these will have to do!

And, if you want to see all of the pics, be sure to click on the link to the right titled "Peyton's Photo Shoot".

Look at those dimples!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

One Month Old!

Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Haha! Fun might not be the right word ALL of the time! But it's definitely been interesting!

Poor little guy had some kind of stomach bug and was throwing up for about a day straight! Kinda freaked me out, but he wasn't running fever or acting any differently or refusing to eat, so it was just something that had to run it's course.

I tell ya, it's been an illness-filled month since he came along! First, Will and Cameron had it at the same time and ten days later, Peyton got it. *Knock on wood* that I don't get it!

Other than being sick, he's doing great! He's up to 10lbs, 13oz! His doctor says that newborns should gain, on average, an ounce a day. So, he is right on track! Woohoo!

We've started a sleep training schedule. He's gotten into the BAD habit of only going to sleep either during nursing or in my arms. The minute I would lay him down, he'd wake right back up. The other night, he was up from 12 midnight to 5 am! It was awful!!

Today is the first day of his "training" and he is doing ok. Our routine is eat, play/wake, sleep...repeat every three hours. And he's also starting out in his own room and crib. My goal is to get him 1. used to the three hour schedule and 2. falling asleep on his own, without needing to be held. It involves some crying, but it'll be good for everyone in the long run. I did this with both Will and Cameron and they are AWESOME sleepers because of it! So, my fingers are crossed that it will work with Peyton also!

Here is Peyton at 1 week:

And here he is at 1 month!

Heather and Harrison Visit!

For those that might not know this, I joined a Mom's board back when I was pregnant with Cameron. We all went thru our pregnancies and now two years+ of baby and toddlerhood together.
Heather and I started talking after our kiddo's were born. And about 6-8 months ago, we started emailing each other every single day, usually more than once! She decided to book a trip to Dallas to finally come meet me in person and of course come see Peyton!
It was seriously like we have been friends for years and weren't meeting each other for the first time! No awkwardness at all! And the three boys got along so well! It was chaoctic, but so much fun! We can't wait to get together again...SOON!

And while she was here, we met up with two other Mom's (who I've met before) and we all went to the Children's Museum and then out to lunch! Isn't this quite the sight! Haha!

Silly Boys!

This was my attempt at getting all three boys together in a picture (a small miracle)!!!
They are so silly…never a dull moment in the Flashnick house!!

Then Todd tried getting a pic of the boys and I…you can see how that turned out!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Aren't they all the same to a 3-week old? Haha!

Peyton is a bit confused! Saturday night was a ROUGH night! I seriously think we were up most of the night! I finally got a little frustrated and said (apparently loud) "ugh, just go to sleep!" and that woke Todd up! So, he stayed up with us and eventually went to the couch since Peyton seems to prefer our bed to anywhere else. Which I hate, cause my bed is MY bed!

So, yesterday I was on a mission to start keeping him awake more during the day in hopes that he'd sleep a little better at night. We had a better night, but definitely not great!

Now that the other two are healthy and it'll just be Peyton and I at home, getting him on somewhat of a schedule is my goal this week! Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our day at the fair!

We took the boys' to the fair last week and they had an absolute blast! Cameron especially! This was his first year to actually ride the rides! His face was just priceless! He almost looked like he was crying, but was actually laughing so hard!! And for Will, the rides never get old to him! He has so much fun each year!

Since this was the first year for two kids to ride the rides, we didn't realize how expensive it would be! YIKES!!! Double the tickets! And in two years, it's gonna be TRIPLE!! YIKES again!!
But, it's totally worth it…and it's only once a year, so we can handle it!!

Now, our goal is to get them to like all the fried foods as much as Todd and I do!!

*To see all of the pics, click under monthly pictures to the right*

My future little photographer!

Will got ahold of my camera (without my knowledge) and took a few pictures! Haha!!

Flushing Toilet!!

Maybe he's got a future in photography...or not!!

Peyton's 2 week appointment!

It went great!

He's up to 9lbs, 9oz. So, 9oz's since birth and a whole pound since he left the hospital! Yay Peyton!

No shots this time, but he'll get quite a few at his 2 month appointment.

Poop, Poop and MORE Poop!

Oh yeah, let's not forget the vomiting also!

This has been a TERRIBLE week! I was SOOO looking forward to mine and Peyton's first week alone, just to be lazy and sleep! Yeah, um, it hasn't worked out that way at all!

Let's start with Cameron: He hasn't had much of an appetite for a week now and Sunday, he had the absolute worst diapers I have ever seen! I'll spare everyone the details!

I end up sending him to Lynne's house on Monday and she calls me that afternoon and I have to go pick him up cause he's had another bad diaper.

Meanwhile, Will was home with Peyton and I because Sunday night, right before bed, he was saying his belly hurt. I was thinking it was gas, so I made him sit on the toilet, next thing I know, he's projectile vomiting all over the place (and the carpet)! We get him cleaned up and into bed. Around 1 or so, I had JUST finished feeding Peyton and Will came in and was looking for his water, I told him it was in his bed, he comes back and says he doesn't feel good, we run into the bathroom and didn't quite make it to the toilet on time! All over the floor and rugs and walls!

I get him and the bathroom cleaned up, start some laundry and get him set up at the foot of our bed (we have a table with a blanket on it). I'm almost back to sleep and I hear him throwing up again, but this time it's all over himself, the blanket and the table! Get him cleaned up and start ANOTHER load of laundry!

By this time, it's about 3am and I've been up for about 3 hours now! I fall back asleep and guess who wakes me up at 4 to eat? LOL! I barely remember that feeding!

So, Will stayed home with me and didn't get sick anymore, thankfully.

On Tuesday, Cameron woke up covered in poop...poor kid! So, he stayed home with me and Will went to Lynne's.

Well, I shouldn't have sent Will cause I had to go pick him up cause he had diarrhea all afternoon and lasted the rest of the night. I felt SO bad for him, he had nothing left. I'm sure it was hard on his little body.

Will stayed home Wednesday and today and *knock on wood* hasn't had it yet today! Hopefully he can go back to Lynne's tomorrow! And Cameron is better, woohoo!!

AHHHH...I definitely got an early dose of what having three kids is like with two being sick! It's gotta get better though, right?

Peyton's Birth Story

Peyton Murphy-Willson Flashnick
September 23, 2008
3:04 p.m.
9 pounds, 21 inches

9:00 - Start the pitocin. I am only dilated a fingertip, but very soft. Contractions had been coming all morning (before the pitocin), but weren't strong at all.

10:30 - Contractions getting a bit stronger, but not too bad yet. I am dilated to a 2 and my doctor broke my water.

11:15 - Went ahead and got the epidural, but the contractions weren't painful, I just didn't want to miss my opportunity! He got three calls while in with me to go do epi's! Perfect timing! I'm dilated to a 4 at this point.

12:30 - Feeling no pain, dilated to a 5.

1:30 - Epi wasn't working like it should be. I kept feeling lots of lower pain and pressure, so they came in and put medicine in my epi, then my legs went totally numb, and I didn't like that very much. My doctor came in and I told her about my pressure and she checked me and I was a 6. I also had to be on oxygen because his heart rate kept dropping with each contraction, but he was fine.

2:30 - My nurse came in and I told her I was feeling LOTS of pressure, but worse than earlier. So, she checked me and I was a 10!!! Four centimeters in an hour! Woohoo!! She was going to start getting everyone ready, call my doctor, etc.

My doc came in around 1:50 and they think the only thing keeping him in while waiting was the internal contraction monitor! I started pushing right at 3:00, 2 rounds of pushes and at 3:04 he was born!! It was the easiest thing I have ever done! I was SO incredibly fortunate!

While my doctor was finishing up with me, Todd was with Peyton and he was just chilling...not really crying just looking around! It was seriously love at first sight for both of us! He was 9lbs even and 21 inches! Even for 9lbs though, he's awfully scrawny right now! Skinny little legs and long skinny feet! He'll plump up in no time!!

He's such a calm mellow baby! We figure he's been listening to his brothers' chaos for 9 months now, he's used to it! I hope it stays that way!

Here are some pictures:

My last pregnancy picture!!

Sweet little boy!
Easy Breezy!
Daddy and Peyton!

Proud Big Brother!
The Other Proud Big Brother!

My 1st Blog!

Well...I'm not sure how good I will be at this blogging thing, but I am going to give it a try!

I also think this will be a good way for our families to keep up with what's going on with the five of us and of course see the newest pictures of the boys!!

Happy reading!