Friday, October 24, 2008

One Month Old!

Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Haha! Fun might not be the right word ALL of the time! But it's definitely been interesting!

Poor little guy had some kind of stomach bug and was throwing up for about a day straight! Kinda freaked me out, but he wasn't running fever or acting any differently or refusing to eat, so it was just something that had to run it's course.

I tell ya, it's been an illness-filled month since he came along! First, Will and Cameron had it at the same time and ten days later, Peyton got it. *Knock on wood* that I don't get it!

Other than being sick, he's doing great! He's up to 10lbs, 13oz! His doctor says that newborns should gain, on average, an ounce a day. So, he is right on track! Woohoo!

We've started a sleep training schedule. He's gotten into the BAD habit of only going to sleep either during nursing or in my arms. The minute I would lay him down, he'd wake right back up. The other night, he was up from 12 midnight to 5 am! It was awful!!

Today is the first day of his "training" and he is doing ok. Our routine is eat, play/wake, sleep...repeat every three hours. And he's also starting out in his own room and crib. My goal is to get him 1. used to the three hour schedule and 2. falling asleep on his own, without needing to be held. It involves some crying, but it'll be good for everyone in the long run. I did this with both Will and Cameron and they are AWESOME sleepers because of it! So, my fingers are crossed that it will work with Peyton also!

Here is Peyton at 1 week:

And here he is at 1 month!

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