Friday, October 24, 2008

Heather and Harrison Visit!

For those that might not know this, I joined a Mom's board back when I was pregnant with Cameron. We all went thru our pregnancies and now two years+ of baby and toddlerhood together.
Heather and I started talking after our kiddo's were born. And about 6-8 months ago, we started emailing each other every single day, usually more than once! She decided to book a trip to Dallas to finally come meet me in person and of course come see Peyton!
It was seriously like we have been friends for years and weren't meeting each other for the first time! No awkwardness at all! And the three boys got along so well! It was chaoctic, but so much fun! We can't wait to get together again...SOON!

And while she was here, we met up with two other Mom's (who I've met before) and we all went to the Children's Museum and then out to lunch! Isn't this quite the sight! Haha!

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