Monday, October 13, 2008


Aren't they all the same to a 3-week old? Haha!

Peyton is a bit confused! Saturday night was a ROUGH night! I seriously think we were up most of the night! I finally got a little frustrated and said (apparently loud) "ugh, just go to sleep!" and that woke Todd up! So, he stayed up with us and eventually went to the couch since Peyton seems to prefer our bed to anywhere else. Which I hate, cause my bed is MY bed!

So, yesterday I was on a mission to start keeping him awake more during the day in hopes that he'd sleep a little better at night. We had a better night, but definitely not great!

Now that the other two are healthy and it'll just be Peyton and I at home, getting him on somewhat of a schedule is my goal this week! Wish me luck!!!

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