Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poop, Poop and MORE Poop!

Oh yeah, let's not forget the vomiting also!

This has been a TERRIBLE week! I was SOOO looking forward to mine and Peyton's first week alone, just to be lazy and sleep! Yeah, um, it hasn't worked out that way at all!

Let's start with Cameron: He hasn't had much of an appetite for a week now and Sunday, he had the absolute worst diapers I have ever seen! I'll spare everyone the details!

I end up sending him to Lynne's house on Monday and she calls me that afternoon and I have to go pick him up cause he's had another bad diaper.

Meanwhile, Will was home with Peyton and I because Sunday night, right before bed, he was saying his belly hurt. I was thinking it was gas, so I made him sit on the toilet, next thing I know, he's projectile vomiting all over the place (and the carpet)! We get him cleaned up and into bed. Around 1 or so, I had JUST finished feeding Peyton and Will came in and was looking for his water, I told him it was in his bed, he comes back and says he doesn't feel good, we run into the bathroom and didn't quite make it to the toilet on time! All over the floor and rugs and walls!

I get him and the bathroom cleaned up, start some laundry and get him set up at the foot of our bed (we have a table with a blanket on it). I'm almost back to sleep and I hear him throwing up again, but this time it's all over himself, the blanket and the table! Get him cleaned up and start ANOTHER load of laundry!

By this time, it's about 3am and I've been up for about 3 hours now! I fall back asleep and guess who wakes me up at 4 to eat? LOL! I barely remember that feeding!

So, Will stayed home with me and didn't get sick anymore, thankfully.

On Tuesday, Cameron woke up covered in poop...poor kid! So, he stayed home with me and Will went to Lynne's.

Well, I shouldn't have sent Will cause I had to go pick him up cause he had diarrhea all afternoon and lasted the rest of the night. I felt SO bad for him, he had nothing left. I'm sure it was hard on his little body.

Will stayed home Wednesday and today and *knock on wood* hasn't had it yet today! Hopefully he can go back to Lynne's tomorrow! And Cameron is better, woohoo!!

AHHHH...I definitely got an early dose of what having three kids is like with two being sick! It's gotta get better though, right?

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