Sunday, November 9, 2008


What the heck is the fascination with popcorn and noses?

Leave it to Cameron to stick a half-popped popcorn kernel up his nose and require a trip to the hospital to try and get it out! Little rascal!

He came in from outside yesterday afternoon and was crying that his nose hurt. I looked up there and saw something, assumed it was a booger and tried getting it out. I couldn't though. So, I had Todd look with a flashlight and he realized it was popcorn!

He grabbed a pair of tweezers and tried getting it. We tried the bulb syringe. Tried getting him to blow his nose. We tried all of this for about two hours. And the whole time, he's FREAKING out! We had no luck though.

So, I called the on-call nurse at our doctor's office and they didn't have anything new to suggest for us to try, so they told us to go ahead and go to Children's Hospital for them to retrieve it.

Todd stayed home with Will and Peyton. Cameron and I headed to the hospital. The nice thing about where we went is it was a Referral Center, so they knew we were coming and we were seen right away. Thankfully we didn't have to go to our local (right around the corner) ER and wait all night to be seen by a doctor who has no clue how to deal with terrified children!

Poor Cameron fought the nurse on everything! Temperature, blood pressure, weight, etc. We got into a room and the nice doctor came in and looked with a light and saw that the kernel was pretty far up there! She explained that they didn't have a pair of tweezers long or thin enough to use, so she was going to have to use this plastic instrument that they use to clear ear wax. She also explained that if she couldn't retrieve it, then she would call the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and see what they said.

I put him on the table and the male nurse is holding his upper body and head still and I'm laying across his legs and feet trying to keep him as still as possible. Cameron is pretty darn strong, I found out last night! He fought like crazy!

After about five minutes of the doctor trying and Cameron flipping out, she realized she wasn't going to be able to get it out without really hurting him. His nose had already started to bleed a little bit, and he was so emotionally traumatized, she didn't want to do anything else to him!

She makes a call to the ENT and they tell us we need to come in bright and early Monday morning for them to fit us in to retrieve the kernel. They are better equipped for things like this, so I'm hoping it'll be pretty quick and not so traumatizing for him!

I'm also hoping that it comes out on it's own today! That would be awesome!! My fingers are crossed!

For those that don't know...this isn't the first time he has put popcorn in his nose! A few months ago, he came and sat with me on the couch and was pointing to his nose, so I look up there and pull out a kernel (un-popped)! He then sneezed, and out came another one! The next morning, I found another one in his bed! Thankfully, those all came out!! And he hadn't done it since. I have no idea what came over him yesterday to make him do that again!

So, I will update again after tomorrow when the kernel makes its appearance!

Oh, and I'm really hoping that this traumatized him enough that he won't EVER put anything in his nose ever again!

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