Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Will really understands the whole "Santa" thing this year.

It's actually really improved his behavior!

He asked me the other day how long he had to be good for? Just until Santa comes? Silly boy!

He's asking Santa for a Nintendo DS and you better believe I'll be using that thing as punishment if he's not good after Santa comes!!

We were at a Christmas party the other night and Santa made an appearance and he was asking all the kids if they've been good this year. And Will (who at 5 is still semi-afraid of Santa) whispers to me "Mommy, can you please tell him I've been a good boy this year?" It was so cute and funny at the time!

Then I got to thinking that I'm sometimes too hard on him. And then it made me sad that he would ask me something like that. He's been a bit troublesome lately. The boy loves to argue and can't just accept an answer and has to have the last word. Drives me CA-RAZY! Now, I will probably appreciate this when he's grown up and a successful lawyer making the big bucks, but until then, it's frustrating!!

So, I have to assure him that he's not a bad boy. He just does bad things something, but he's a kid and it's to be expected.

Will is a thinker and takes things to heart and I have to remind myself of this often. Cameron lets things I say to him roll right off his back...no big deal. Not Will though. He's becoming more and more like me as he gets older!

Sweet Will...my sensitive, argumentative child...I do love him!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


For being awoken at 6am asking to watch cartoons.
For the bickering that goes on almost non-stop.
For the tattling over silly things.
For the incessant arguing.
For the "mommy?  mommy?  mommy?" that never ends.
For the 9:00 am naps on a busy day.
For the toy that I step on and want to kick.
For the crying, all of it.

I truly am thankful for these things, because if I didn't have these things to be thankful for, then my life would not be complete.

For Will.
For Cameron.
For Peyton.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Pictures

I've finally updated all my links to pictures.  I was REALLY behind! 

So, if you scroll down past Peyton's picture on the right, you'll see links to all of our pictures.  They are separated by month or occasion.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poor Peyton

He was a tad bit cranky over the weekend. I thought it was just teeth.

He developed a runny/congested nose on Monday throughout the day and was drooling like crazy and still irritable. Again, I thought it was just teeth.

He woke up on Tuesday kinda cranky, but I gave him some Motrin, thinking it was teeth, and took him to Lynne's.

She called me at 12:30 and his fever was at 101. She was going to put him down for a nap and call me when he woke up.

She woke him up around 3:00 and called me and it was up to 102. These temps are too high for teeth alone.

So, Todd came and picked me up and we went and picked him up. I managed to get in to see the doctor at 4:00.

He thankfully tested negative for both strains of the flu. His ears were clear. His throat – not so much.

The doctor diagnosed him with Tonsillitis. Not full blown or anything, but he had pockets of puss all over his throat and tonsils.

Poor little guy. No wonder he was so cranky.

We got home and Todd went to go fill his prescription and he just laid on me.

If you know Peyton, that child does not sit still, much less lay still unless he's sleeping. Confession: I totally loved him cuddling with me. Of course I hate WHY he's doing it, but I'll take it!!

So, I'm home with him today. He's on an antibiotic. I hope he's back to normal in no time!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yay Cameron

I don't want to jinx myself, and I probably shouldn't blog about this, but what the heck…!

So, up until this past Saturday, Cameron had absolutely NO desire to sit on the potty. I'm talkin NONE. That boy is so unbelievably stubborn, it's crazy!

I bought some Dum-Dum's as a bribe and I told him that every time he sat on the potty, he'd get a sucker. Pee or no pee. Now, Cameron is a smart cookie, and I was one step ahead of him. I knew that if I didn't set the timer, he'd be in there all day, just so he could get a sucker!

I set the timer at one hour intervals and he was actually excited to go sit when the timer went off. He couldn't figure out how to release it though.

He woke up from his nap and we went straight to the bathroom, and nothing. He said he wanted some Gummy Life Savers, and I told him he couldn't have any unless he actually peed. We got up, set the timer for twenty minutes, went back and HE PEED!!! Yay Cameron! He was SOOOOO excited! Todd and I made a HUGE deal out of it and he totally loved that!

There was no peeing in the potty on Sunday though.

I got a call from Lynne on Monday and Cameron stood up from the lunch table and said "I gotta go tee-tee" and RAN to the bathroom and WENT!! Woohoo! And he went three times onTuesday!!

Yay for Cameron! Hopefully he'll be trained completely in the next month!! Fingers are crossed!

Gosh, it will be SO nice to have only one child in diapers…wow!!

Operation No Bottle

Has been a success!!!

Yay for Peyton!

He had his last bottle Friday night, September 25. I just got rid of it cold turkey, and he's done awesome!

Saturday was a bit of an adjustment. He was used to getting a bottle in the morning when he woke up and one before bed. He definitely knew something was missing, but he did just fine!

He kind of resisted the cup on Saturday, but I think it clicked finally "Hey, I'm thirsty…I better drink this!" And he did!

So, here we are, five days later and I think I'm gonna throw all the bottles away! Woohoo!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

If it’s out there, Will’s going to get it!

I swear, this kid has gone thru more in his five years than I have in my entire life!

Let's list everything:

2 years old (1/2006): Allergic reaction to cashews on an airplane. Had I not given him Benadryl before the flight (for congestion), he probably wouldn't be here.

2 ½ years old (11/2006): Surgery on his right thumb. His thumb wouldn't straighten out, so he had to have surgery and have some tendons removed so it would straighten and grow correctly.

3 years old (12/2007): Shingles. What three-year old gets shingles? They were BAD too! I'll spare everyone the pics!

5 years old (4/2009): I managed to run over his hand with a shopping basket and rip his finger nail off. His finger nail grew back just fine, but he has some scarring on the top of his hand.

5 years old (9/2009): Swine Flu! Yep. He tested positive on 9/21. Of course he got it! Poor kid gets everything! He luckily had a very mild case of it. Mostly just fever for two days.

Wow, he managed to go thru all of 2008 without anything major! I don't even think he was very sick that year!

He's a tough little kid!


It always amazes me to see the difference in the boys when they were all the same age! Of course, Cameron is always the biggest, followed by Peyton and then Will! It'll be interesting to see how each of them progress over the years!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peyton!!!

Where has the time gone? I just can’t believe that he is already ONE! There just aren’t words to describe what joy he has brought to our lives. He has totally made our little family complete. It’s so hard to imagine that a whole year ago, he made his way into this world!

The morning started with all of us singing “Happy Birthday” to him! He was so excited to see us and hear us singing!

Good morning!!

I went and bought a small cake so the five of us could celebrate tonight!

Oh.My.Gosh. He LOVED the cake!!! He had no problem getting down and dirty! It was awesome!

Hmmm...what is this?

It kinda tastes yummy...

Yeah, I think I like it...


This is celebration number one…we’ll do a family thing in a couple of weeks and he’ll get MORE cake!!!

Let’s see…what has he done this past year?

He is not walking, but that’s ok. It’s weird because when Will and Cameron were one (and at their party), they were both walking. I just can’t imagine Peyton walking. He’s still a baby (in my eyes)! He is really good at cruising along furniture and can pull up on just about anything. Sometimes anything doesn’t quite work and he gets hurt or something falls on him! I don’t anticipate him walking until he’s at least 15-18 months. We’ll see…

I'm ONE...haha!

He sure can crawl like a champ though! I go to rush to shut a door and I turn around and he’s already made it to the door!! Speedy crawler!

He’s got 6 teeth total right now. Two on the bottom and four on the top.

Those teeth and dimples...

He LOVES to “talk”! His favorite word is “eh/huh”. You’ll hear it in the videos. It’s funny! He’s gotten good at mimicking us though. He can kind of say “hello” and “buh bye”. And he says “Mama” and “Da-Da” sometimes. But mostly, he just loves to babble and be really LOUD about it!!

I’m SO, SO glad to not have to buy formula anymore! I can’t complain too much though. He nursed exclusively for 7 months, so I only had to buy formula for 5 months…but whew, I’m glad I don’t have to buy it anymore! And bye-bye bottles! Well, come Monday…bye-bye bottles! I’ve been putting half formula and half milk in his bottles for a couple weeks now, to get him used to milk, and he’s tolerated it really well. We’ll be 100% milk in the next couple of days. With Will and Cameron, when they turned a year, we quit bottles cold turkey and it was totally fine. I’m hoping it’ll go just as smooth with Peyton. He’s pretty good with a sippy cup, not great, but he’ll get better. He won’t have a choice! So, YAY for no more formula and bottles!

He has his one year check-up on Friday. I’m anxious to see how much he’s grown this past year! He’s a little chunky butt!!

One week old...and so scrawny and little!

One year old...and not so scrawny and little!

Happy Birthday to my little Punkin Pie!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Teething :(

Poor Peyton is having a rough time with the teething thing! Will and Cam both passed thru with flying colors, but not my little baby!

For the past month, he wakes up almost every night crying. I know it's from his teeth. And he's super cranky in the evenings. I give him Tylenol, but sometimes it just doesn't help.

He didn't have any trouble with his two bottom teeth, but he's got 4 (possibly 6) teeth coming in on top and his front teeth are BIG (at least they seem that way) and then the two eye teeth next to them. And I wanna say he has two molars coming in, but he won't let me get my finger in there long enough to feel, but I thought I saw some white buds back there!

I'm sure it hurts like heck! It's probably a good thing that we don't remember things like this from when we were kids! Hopefully all the teeth will hurry up and pop thru and he'll get back to my sweet little Peyton! I miss him! Haha!

Don't mind the chocolate rimmed mouth, but you can see his two big front teeth in this pic! They look like they hurt!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Years Ago...

Cameron Reed Flashnick came into this world weighing in at 10 pounds and 3 ounces and was 21.25 inches long! YES, he was HUGE! My doctor pulled him out and said “Here’s your newborn TODDLER!!”

He was born on a Thursday. I remember I finished up work on Tuesday and spent Wednesday with Will. I struggled really bad with having another baby and what it would do to Will. He was only 2 ½ and totally oblivious to all of it! So, we went and saw a movie and then took a nap together! He had no idea his world was about to totally change and he’d no longer have Mommy and Daddy all to himself!

We dropped Will off at Miss Lynne’s bright and early and headed to the hospital. I had to be there at 8. My induction started at 9. I got my epidural around 10:30 and it was AWESOME, OMG! So totally different than my epi with Will. I was numb, but could actually move my legs and kinda feel what was going on, but not enough to cause me any pain. I relaxed for a few hours, as best I could!

My doc came in around 2 and got prepped and I remember looking at my watch at 2:10 and then I started pushing! Cameron was born at 2:27pm! 17 whole minutes to push a 10 pound kid out!! I knew he’d be big, but I was totally shocked when he got weighed and Todd came back over to tell me! I was like, “Huh? Come again? He weighs how much?” Haha!

My Mom brought Will up later and he totally didn’t know what to think! I think it bothered him seeing me in the bed and unable to walk and hooked up to all kinds of wires and tubes. He kinda just looked at Cameron!

And here we are, three years later! Time flies! It just blows my mind! He’s such a little love bug! And then in the next second, sooo ornery and stubborn!! I love my sweet Cameron!!!! Happy Birthday, Sugar Booger!!!

August 24, 2006

August 24, 2007

August 24, 2008

August 24, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I officially have a child in KINDERGARTEN!! How is that EVEN possible??!! Wasn’t he just born like, yesterday??!! It’s just crazy!!

Todd and I both dropped him off and he walked right inside and knew exactly where to go. He sat down to eat his breakfast and that's when I started getting choked up.

I had to wait a few seconds before I could tell him to have a good day and that I loved him. Even when I said it, he looked up at me cause he knew I was crying. I gave him a big hug and we left.

We got outside and I lost it! Todd took one look at me and he did too! We spent a few minutes in the car completely silent and sniffling!

He had a great day though! And has been excited to go back each day, so that’s a positive thing!!

My “baby” is growing up!! *sniffle sniffle*

Rise and shine!!

Getting dressed like a big boy!

Brushing teeth and hair!

On our way!!

Such a BIG boy!!!

Mommy and Will!

Daddy and Will!

You can see the rest of the pics here.

Atlanta Trip!

If you've been reading this for awhile, then you might remember a post last October.

Last year, Heather and Harrison came to Texas to visit me and this year, Cameron and I went to Atlanta to visit her! Heather just had a baby! Sweet baby Tripp!

This year though, our friend Amanda from Florida drove up with her son Jackson to spend the weekend with us! Interestingly enough, I had never met Amanda. We talk on IM almost every single day and have for about 2 years! Crazy, huh?

It was awesome to meet her and cutie patootie Jackson!!

Us girls got along sooo well! It was like we’ve been hanging out forever! I love those girls!!

And the three boys…who are all ALMOST three got along really well also! There was the expected bickering and fighting over toys, but for the most part they all did great together! And they were soooo cute, OMG!!

We went to the aquarium and got a taste of what it would be like with triplets! EEEEK! I’ll take my three crazy boys at three different ages over three crazy boys all one age anyday!!!

It was a great weekend and we’re definitely going to try and do it every year. I wish it could be more often, but life just doesn’t make it possible!! But now we all have something to look forward to every year!

Feel free to check out the rest of the pictures from our Atlanta trip!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Clapper!

YAY! He can clap! And it literally happened overnight! Yesterday, he'd raise his hands up and down in excitement, and today, he's full on clapping! And he looks so cute and he's so proud of himself!!