Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, as I was looking through my blog, I realized that I don't have very many pictures of Cameron or posts about him. It definitely isn't on purpose! He's always on the go, and doesn't give me many opportunities to take pictures of him.

I think he fits the mold of the middle child pretty well! I try most nights to give him his one on one attention that he needs and requires! He's such a sweet boy, but can be awfully stubborn and sometimes mean (mostly to Will)! A lot of it has to do with his age though. I try to dismiss some of his behavior. But for the most part, he's a good kid! And so affectionate! I love our "cuddle time" at night. It doesn't matter what we're watching on TV at night, he'll sit there with me (and sometimes Todd) and just hang out.

He's literally growing up before our eyes! Last weekend, I went to put a pair of jeans on him, a pair that he'd worn the week before, and they were high waters on him! Tried another pair, and the same thing! It was kind of a "wow" moment!!

So, in honor of Cameron…here is a post only about him along with a few recent pics!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Peyton had cereal for the first time a couple nights ago. He seemed to enjoy it!

MMMM...Cereal (with mixed fruit)
This is what happens when I wasn't shoveling it in fast enough!
And this is what happens when he's done crying and I STILL haven't shoveled it in fast enough.
"I guess my thumb will suffice! Not quite as tasty, but it'll do!"
He did pretty good with a spoon too. At this age, the natural reflex is for the tongue to push everything back out and we had just about every bite come back out, but I'm a pro now and was able to get it right back in before he could make a big mess with it!
I was trying to hold off on food for as long as possible. In my mind, food=growing up and I'm not ready for that! But, it's not going to be an everyday thing right now because he really doesn't need anything else. He's growing just fine with what we've been doing. But, I guess I should start getting him used to food and a spoon. I'm sure when we go back for his 6 month, our doctor will recommend starting jar food. But, I'm truly not in any rush right now!

Five months old!

Sweet Peyton is five months old (well 4 days ago, I'm a bit behind)!

He's starting to roll over more. In fact, some mornings, I'll walk in his room to wake him up and he's already awake because he's rolled over and woken himself up and is just laying there talking or sucking his thumb! I walk in and his face just lights up with this huge grin! I love it!

He's discovered his voice and loves for us to hear it!

He loves to laugh at his silly brothers! And they love to make him laugh! They get one little giggle out of him and they proceed to do the exact same thing for 5 minutes straight! At that point, he's so over it and starts to get mad...probably thinking "get these crazy kids OUT OF MY FACE, PLEASE!!" It's so cute seeing them all (sort of) interact with each other.

He ate cereal for the first time. I'll be blogging about that next!

He is just such an awesome little baby. He seriously only cries when he's tired or hungry. All other times, he just hangs out, totally content. I love it! And it's really helpful since (mostly) Cameron requires much of my attention right now (mostly because he's getting in trouble...haha!). I probably tell Peyton once a day "Please don't grow up to be like your brothers! Just stay a non-talking, non-attitude giving, non-fighting/arguing baby FOREVER"!! Haha!

Here are his monthly pictures. I won't share all of them, just first and most recent. He almost doesn't even look like the same baby!

Our little soccer player!

Will started soccer last week! Practice two times a week and games on Saturdays. Games won't start until sometime mid-March, I think. It's definitely interesting watching 7 five-year olds trying to kick a ball around! Quite comedic, actually!

Will seems to be pretty good! And pretty fast! He's a bit of a ball hog, but from what everyone has told me, that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Life definitely got much busier last week! I don't pick the boys up until about 5:20 and practice is at 6:30. That doesn't leave much time to get home, eat dinner and get Will dressed. I guess I might as well get used to it all! This is the beginning of the next 18 years! I have to admit though, I already love it! I'm officially a soccer Mom!!

Here are a few pics from his first practice. I'll be able to get better pics when he has his first game since they will be during the day and not at night!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Five Years Ago...

William Michael Flashnick was born!

It was a Monday and it was also President's Day. Funny how that works out!

He came into this world at 7:05pm, weighing in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches long.

Todd is always amazed that I remember all these details. I guess it's a Mom thing. I remember everything (about all three boys' births) like they were yesterday. So, here's the story leading up to his birth.

I finished work on Friday the 13th! We spent our last Valentine's Day as a childless couple by hanging out at home and grilling steak for dinner. Oh yeah, it also snowed that morning. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get my hair cut because of the snow, but it melted in time! I also went and got a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. The latter two became a tradition the next two times!! I can't have funky toes and bushy eyebrows for "labor" day!

My Dad came into town that night. My Mom showed up the next day. On Sunday, we just relaxed. In 24 hours, our lives were going to change forever!

I remember having a minor panic attact Sunday night. I think Todd even got it on video. I've had 9 months to prepare - yet I was freaking out! I would say that's pretty normal though!

We were told we needed to be at the hospital by 7:00 and they'd start the induction around 8:00.

Everything pretty much went as planned - except the epidural. First, Todd almost fainted while the doc was putting the needle in! I think a common misconception about epidurals is totally numb/no pain/no pressure = a good epidural. Not true (as I later found out with Cameron's birth)'s good to feel enough to know what you're doing, but not have the pain associated with it. I was so numb, I didn't even know my rear-end was uncovered for the world to see while I was laboring! I was laying on my side (in an attempt to get the epidural to work on the OTHER side) and happened to look behind me and there was my numb rear mooning everyone! Haha! We all got a good laugh out of that!

So, when it came time to push, I was so numb, I couldn't feel what I was doing and how I was doing it.

I started pushing around 5:00. The whole first hour was ineffective because of said epidural. They decided to shut it off and let it wear off slowly. That ended up being a bad idea, but oh well!

I pushed for two solid hours. I was exhausted and sleeping in between contractions (that I could feel at this point)!

They finally decided to get the vacuum extractor out and assist me. It was a last resort, and I didn't really want to use it, but I don't think I had much of a choice. And it helped.

Out he came at 7:05 with a massive cone head and a nice little sore on the top of his head from the vacuum. I was so exhausted, but it was so worth it. He was beautiful and I was instantly so in love with him.

They ended up having to take him for about four hours because we both had fever and they needed to watch him for a bit. I looked like I had been in a boxing match. Because of my ineffective pushing (and not pushing correctly), I popped blood vessels in my eyes and they were almost swolen shut. I have one picture of me like that and nobody (besides Todd) has ever seen it! It was BAD! When my Mom first saw me after the delivery, her first words were "OH MY GOD, LEANN - YOUR EYES!" Thanks, Mom! Haha!

I finally got to hold my sweet little Will at 11:00 that night. As exhausted as I was, I was wide awake when they brought him to me. I don't think I slept that night! I just held him and stared at him! It was truly amazing! Todd and I just couldn't believe that we created a baby and he was finally in our arms and real! I'm definitely not the sappy, sentimental type, but I can't help but get teary-eyed when I think back to this day five years ago and remember every little detail about the day. And to look at Will now and see what a handsome, smart, sweet little man he's become, it's just so wonderful!

Here are a couple of pics in the hospital and his 5-year old picture. Where'd my little boy go??!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One year ago...

I found out I was pregnant! What a HUGE shock that was!
I remember I left work early the day before thinking I was coming down with a cold or something. I felt nauseous, but didn't think too much of it.
The next day, I still didn't feel so great and Todd asked "you're not pregnant are you?" And I was like "OMG, NO!" It'd be virtually impossible considering I was on the pill and hadn't missed any. So, I had an errand to run on lunch and decided to go buy a test, simply to ease Todd's mind, cause I knew there was just no way I could be pregnant!

I got back to work and went straight to the bathroom and took the test. That sucker turned positive immediately. I seriously almost fainted. I picked up the box and looked at what "positive" should look like, then looked back at the test and back at the box, sure that I was looking at it wrong! Nope. Not wrong.

I went back to my desk and just burst into tears. How could this have happened (well, we know the obvious answer), but seriously? How could this have happened. I called my two friends over and I just cried and cried and cried! I finally called Todd (who was about to go into a huge meeting) and broke the news. He was, well, speechless.

I ended up running over to the doctor's office that afternoon and had bloodwork done. No sense in paying for anymore HPT's when a blood test would confirm it. And it did!

Ohhh...I still remember those first few weeks like they were yesterday. Todd wasn't happy about it at all. We had some very, very quiet and tense nights at home for awhile. Neither of us wanted to talk about it.

I had seriously a million things running thru my head. How did this happen? What are we going to do? Is Todd ever going to be happy about it? How on earth can we support three kids? Is this my girl? How did this happen? LOL!

I wanted another baby. I never made that a secret. I knew that Todd did not. BUT, I thought in a couple of years, I could convince him. A COUPLE of much for that!

We had our first appointment a few weeks afterward and got to see the baby on the U/S and found out that I was already like 8-9 weeks. I think at that point, it all became REAL to Todd and he began to accept that we were going to have yet another baby, ready or not!

Todd quickly warmed up to the fact that baby #3 was on it's way and things became a little less tense around the house!

Fast forward to a year later and our sweet little Peyton is almost 5 months old and we could not imagine life without him. It sounds very cliche, but I truly feel he completed our family. He's my little "pumpkin pie" or "cute cute" (as the boys like to call him)! He's the icing on our cake!
Here is a recent picture of him. We had these done at Kiddie Kandids over the weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Married Man

Well, my little brother is officially a married man! I can't believe it! Haha! Brian and Melissa were married on January 31, 2009 in New Orleans. The whole family was there and we all had a very nice time! Here are a few pics that I took, I didn't get as much as I would have liked though.

Welcome to our family, Melissa! Congratulations you two!

Their First Dance

Taking her LSU garter off!

Mom and Brian

Mom and Dad

Me and KT

Laine and Dad

Cousins: Will, Cameron and Laine (Brian's daughter)

Great-Grandpa and Peyton

Comparison Pics

It's so funny to look at his 1 week pics and see how little his legs were. Look at them now! His little chunky thighs! He still has long, skinny feet! And he lost a lot of his hair, and it's growing back really blonde!