Friday, February 27, 2009


Peyton had cereal for the first time a couple nights ago. He seemed to enjoy it!

MMMM...Cereal (with mixed fruit)
This is what happens when I wasn't shoveling it in fast enough!
And this is what happens when he's done crying and I STILL haven't shoveled it in fast enough.
"I guess my thumb will suffice! Not quite as tasty, but it'll do!"
He did pretty good with a spoon too. At this age, the natural reflex is for the tongue to push everything back out and we had just about every bite come back out, but I'm a pro now and was able to get it right back in before he could make a big mess with it!
I was trying to hold off on food for as long as possible. In my mind, food=growing up and I'm not ready for that! But, it's not going to be an everyday thing right now because he really doesn't need anything else. He's growing just fine with what we've been doing. But, I guess I should start getting him used to food and a spoon. I'm sure when we go back for his 6 month, our doctor will recommend starting jar food. But, I'm truly not in any rush right now!

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