Friday, February 27, 2009

Five months old!

Sweet Peyton is five months old (well 4 days ago, I'm a bit behind)!

He's starting to roll over more. In fact, some mornings, I'll walk in his room to wake him up and he's already awake because he's rolled over and woken himself up and is just laying there talking or sucking his thumb! I walk in and his face just lights up with this huge grin! I love it!

He's discovered his voice and loves for us to hear it!

He loves to laugh at his silly brothers! And they love to make him laugh! They get one little giggle out of him and they proceed to do the exact same thing for 5 minutes straight! At that point, he's so over it and starts to get mad...probably thinking "get these crazy kids OUT OF MY FACE, PLEASE!!" It's so cute seeing them all (sort of) interact with each other.

He ate cereal for the first time. I'll be blogging about that next!

He is just such an awesome little baby. He seriously only cries when he's tired or hungry. All other times, he just hangs out, totally content. I love it! And it's really helpful since (mostly) Cameron requires much of my attention right now (mostly because he's getting in trouble...haha!). I probably tell Peyton once a day "Please don't grow up to be like your brothers! Just stay a non-talking, non-attitude giving, non-fighting/arguing baby FOREVER"!! Haha!

Here are his monthly pictures. I won't share all of them, just first and most recent. He almost doesn't even look like the same baby!

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