Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One year ago...

I found out I was pregnant! What a HUGE shock that was!
I remember I left work early the day before thinking I was coming down with a cold or something. I felt nauseous, but didn't think too much of it.
The next day, I still didn't feel so great and Todd asked "you're not pregnant are you?" And I was like "OMG, NO!" It'd be virtually impossible considering I was on the pill and hadn't missed any. So, I had an errand to run on lunch and decided to go buy a test, simply to ease Todd's mind, cause I knew there was just no way I could be pregnant!

I got back to work and went straight to the bathroom and took the test. That sucker turned positive immediately. I seriously almost fainted. I picked up the box and looked at what "positive" should look like, then looked back at the test and back at the box, sure that I was looking at it wrong! Nope. Not wrong.

I went back to my desk and just burst into tears. How could this have happened (well, we know the obvious answer), but seriously? How could this have happened. I called my two friends over and I just cried and cried and cried! I finally called Todd (who was about to go into a huge meeting) and broke the news. He was, well, speechless.

I ended up running over to the doctor's office that afternoon and had bloodwork done. No sense in paying for anymore HPT's when a blood test would confirm it. And it did!

Ohhh...I still remember those first few weeks like they were yesterday. Todd wasn't happy about it at all. We had some very, very quiet and tense nights at home for awhile. Neither of us wanted to talk about it.

I had seriously a million things running thru my head. How did this happen? What are we going to do? Is Todd ever going to be happy about it? How on earth can we support three kids? Is this my girl? How did this happen? LOL!

I wanted another baby. I never made that a secret. I knew that Todd did not. BUT, I thought in a couple of years, I could convince him. A COUPLE of much for that!

We had our first appointment a few weeks afterward and got to see the baby on the U/S and found out that I was already like 8-9 weeks. I think at that point, it all became REAL to Todd and he began to accept that we were going to have yet another baby, ready or not!

Todd quickly warmed up to the fact that baby #3 was on it's way and things became a little less tense around the house!

Fast forward to a year later and our sweet little Peyton is almost 5 months old and we could not imagine life without him. It sounds very cliche, but I truly feel he completed our family. He's my little "pumpkin pie" or "cute cute" (as the boys like to call him)! He's the icing on our cake!
Here is a recent picture of him. We had these done at Kiddie Kandids over the weekend.

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Joanie said...

What a funny story! What a difference a year makes!