Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby food!!

So, in the interest of saving a little bit of money (cause with three kids, every penny counts!) and trying something I've never done before, I've decided to make my own babyfood!

It is surprisingly VERY easy. A bit time consuming, but totally worth it. I went and bought frozen peas/carrots and green beans. Cooked them in the microwave as directed and then stuck them in a food processor with water and puree'd them. I also baked sweet potatoes, peaches and apples and did the same thing. Then, all I do is put them in ice cube trays and freeze.

He LOVES them! Every single one of them! And the portion sizes are perfect. Nothing goes to waste. He eats between 2 and 3 cubes for dinner. Usually two veggies and a fruit. I just stick what I need in the microwave and taa-daa (Cameron's new favorite word) we have homemade dinner!

And, $20 worth of food lasts MUCH longer than $20 worth of Gerber baby food!! So, it's great!

Sweet potatoes and green beans and peas and carrots, oh my!

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