Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy of the Year!

Did ya'll hear? I won this award last night.

The boys and I were at Target and as we were leaving, Will was sitting underneath the shopping cart. I told him not to get out until we got to the car. For a brief second, I thought to myself, "just let him be a kid and ride under there".

We're walking across the parking lot and he must have slipped or tried to get out, I'm not quite sure.

I end up running OVER his hand with the cart.

He FA-LIPS out. He's bleeding everwhere. Won't let me look at it. Cameron starts crying cause Will is freaking out. We manage to make it to the car and I have him keep a napkin over his finger so blood doesn't get everywhere.

He screams the whole way home.

We get home and I talk him into letting me look at it. The whole top of his hand is scraped up and bleeding. It's swelling up. AND, he lost his entire finger nail on his pointer finger. Nice.

I try and clean it best I can, but he's seriously having a fit. I can only imagine how bad it's got to be hurting.

I cover everything in Neosporin and strategically place bandaids all over his hand. And, I give him Motrin.

Todd's out to dinner with customers, so I couldn't call him. I called Lynne and burst into tears. I wasn't sure what I should do. Lynne rushes over and I get in touch with the nurse on call. She said to just keep an eye on him. Nothing they can do about the finger nail, it'll grow back. If we wanted to take him and have his hand x-rayed, we could. But, she said that it would probably be pretty traumatic for him when they would clean it. I decided against taking him in since he was ever-so-gently moving his fingers and hand and it didn't appear that anything was broke. Time will tell.

The Motrin kicked in (pretty fast) and he seemed to be ok. He wasn't crying anymore, thankfully!

He slept just fine thru the night and I was really worried he would wake up and be in lots of pain, but he was fine. It hurt, of course, but he wasn't hysterical like the night before.

I sent bandaids, Neosporin, antiseptic and Motrin to Lynne's this morning. She has much better luck with getting him to cooperate than I do. She was able to take his bandaids off and clean it up, best she could. All without him freaking out!

The top of his hand is just scraped up pretty bad. Superficial bleeding and the top couple layers of skin are gone. His finger looks normal, minus the missing fingernail!! It's kinda weird, his cuticles are fine and the nail just ripped right out. Ugh, I cringe each time I think about it.

It was such a stressful night. I feel terrible and guilty. Todd kept telling me that everything will be ok and this won't be the first time ANY of our boys get hurt. And, I know that, but I am just being hard on myself. It was an accident. And I guarantee you he'll NEVER sit under there again!! Last night was his FIRST and LAST time!

Cross your fingers that his nail grows back in normal and it doesn't hurt him too bad! Poor little guy!

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