Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashnick Boys!

Here are some pictures of the boys over the past few weeks! I've been terrible with the camera and have been slacking on my picture taking!

Will and Peyton - silly Will!

BIG bite out of the apple!

Mommy and Will!

Cameron looks like he's doing a commercial for chicken!! LOL!

Mommy and Cameron

Do you notice anything out of place in this picture?
I walked in on him and said "What are you doing, Cameron?" and he said "I not doing nuffin, Mommy!" Hmmm...he just LOOKS guilty, you know with the scoop IN his hand!! Crazy kid!

MOOOOOOMMMMMM - are you taking ANOTHER picture??


I just LOVE his dimples!!!

Sweet Boy!

An attempt at the three of us! Not so successful!

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