Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road trip for some chicken fried steak!

Yes. We are a bit crazy!

Todd found out about this little diner called Mary's in Strawn, Texas that supposedly has the best chicken fried steak in Texas. It's about an hour and a half west of us. So, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then take a road trip for some chicken fried steak!

Mary's did not disappoint! It probably was some of the best CFS I've ever had. Mary's is a little whole in the wall. Everything is made to order, so no heat lamps, and depending on what you order, it might take awhile. Mary also makes all her employees sign a legal document stating they will never reveal the batter of the CFS! It's that good! And the gravy is made with the drippings...OMG! The ONLY complaint I would have (and it's more of a personal preference) is they don't serve mashed potatoes. I like my CFS with mashed potatoes! But, you could get a baked potato or french fries. We opted for the fries and wow, awesome fries! Especially when we dipped them in the gravy!!

We had heard the portions were HUGE! Todd had already said that we're both ordering the large, that way we can have leftovers.
Large was an understatement:

As soon as she brought it out, we asked for two to-go boxes and we both ended up putting 3/4 of our meal into the box!

Will and Cameron each at a foot-long corn dog (it may have been longer)!!

We had a good time! And will more than likely go back...when we've got a whole day to spare!

Peyton was able to enjoy a few french fries (I didn't get pics of it though)

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