Monday, May 25, 2009

We have a sitter!

Finally! It only took 8 months!!! He will still get into the "tri-pod" position, but he's definitely sitting up more than leaning forward!

I guess he was just really content laying on his back! I kept trying to tell him that the view of the world is WAY better sitting up, instead of looking at the ceiling!

My doctor has a theory. He says that if you double the age they are when they sit up unassisted, that's when they'll generally walk. I've asked quite a few of my friends and it's tested true for them. I don't remember exact ages when Will and Cam sat up, but they both walked between 10 and 11 months. So, in theory, they sat up between 5 and 6 months. Which is quite possible. They both did everything early. I do know they weren't 8 months though! But, that's ok...I'm totally ok with him not walking until 16 months! Although, I doubt that will be the case. He's going to want to keep up with his brothers!

It's also hard for me to imagine him walking in two months, like the other two did. He still seems like such a baby to me. I mean, I know he is, but it's just hard to believe that Will and Cam were crawling, pulling up and getting ready to walk by this time. Crazy, crazy!

He's so proud! And so are we!

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