Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teeth! child is starting to get new teeth, and one child is about to lose some old teeth!

I'll start with Will:
He went to the dentist earlier this week and he was SUCH a big boy! He got his teeth cleaned like a big boy, sat in the chair like a big boy, and even had the lady cleaning his teeth cracking up at him!

Unfortunately, he does have a cavity. Boo!! So, he's going to have to get it filled in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, kids fillings are not done like adult fillings with a S H O T! WOOHOO! I think he'd probably FA-LIP out!

He's also got four, count 'em FOUR loose teeth! Two top and two bottom, both right smack up front! I'm sure it won't be long until they start falling out.

Where'd my "baby" go???!!!

I wonder how much the tooth fairy will bring...

Peyton has one tooth coming in! It only took 8 whole months!! I felt it over the weekend! It's barely thru, but I can feel it and it's sharp! He's been awfully cranky the past couple of weeks in the evening, and I think it's been because of his teeth. Now that it's popped thru, he seems to be in a better mood!

As soon as the tooth has come thru more, I'll take a pic! I can't wait to see that little one-tooth grin!

And of course, as soon as Will loses any, I'll definitely take pics! I also can't wait to see his missing-teeth grin!

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