Monday, July 20, 2009

Long overdue update!

I know, I know…it’s been OVER a month since I last blogged. I’ve just been sooo busy! Plus, the main thing bugs me about Blogger is uploading pics is a major pain in my butt! You’d think they would have streamlined the process by now, but they haven’t. So, I’m going to write a whole bunch of stuff and then I’ll work on pictures in a separate post!

I’ll start with Will:
My BABY starts school in less than a month! Wasn’t he just born, like, yesterday?? Geez!! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m excited for him and the opportunities he’s going to have and all the new friends he’s going to make. The kid LOVES to learn, but also tends to get discouraged rather easily, so I hope that doesn’t get him down too much. But, I’m sad because that just means that he’s growing up and the other two are also!

He’ll be going to a little private school near our house. We’re paying extra for after-school care, so after we pick the other two boys up from Lynne’s, then we’ll go pick him up on our way home. He’s excited to have recess and schoolwork!

He totally dotes on his baby brother. When Cameron came along, he could have cared less! He was only 2 ½, so it’s understandable. But, he can’t seem to get enough of Peyton. And Peyton ADORES him! Will is always trying to make him laugh and comes up with all these sweet nicknames for him, that only he’s allowed to use! He loves to carry Peyton all over the house, which at times can give me a minor heart attack! I walked into our bedroom one day and Peyton and Will were ON our bed. Will just picked up and put him up there! It’s so sweet to see how they interact with each other. He’s truly got a heart of gold and loves SO much!

He’s still got all his teeth…surprisingly! I thought for sure he’d have lost his loose front ones by now. We really need to figure out how much the tooth fairy is going to bring. Todd and I keep going back and forth on that…

And now onto Cameron:
I just don’t even know where to begin with him! Haha! He’s totally got two sides to him! The affectionate, cuddly kid (that Will never was, or is) and the full on devil-child (not really) that does his own thing and is stubborn as all get out!

He is totally going to be a ladies man when he grows up. He’ll get up in the morning and crawl into bed with me and run his fingers thru my hair, stroke my face, makes me lay in the crook of HIS arm, tells me how pretty I am ALL the time and how awesome I am, etc. It is seriously the cutest thing EVER! I just love that about him.

And then there’s the middle child/terrible (almost) three’s that come out! He (tries) to do WHAT he wants WHEN he wants! “Cameron, when are you gonna poop in the potty?” “Ummm, NEVER.” And he’s quick witted too! And sassy! “Cameron, go pick up your toys” “You go pick up my toys.” And I just look at him like, “did he REALLY just say that to me?” “Cameron, do you wanna wear big boy underwear?” “No thank you.” He’s just THAT quick! But, at least he’s polite about it!! Haha!

He’s always the life of the room! Never a dull moment with him! I have a STRONG feeling that he is going to have trouble in school! Only time will tell!!

And Peyton…
My sweet, little Peyton! It’s funny cause my tone of voice (in my head) totally changes when I start talking about him! I mean, how can it not? He’s just the sweetest little baby! And I want him to stay a baby forever! I’m constantly telling him “don’t grow up and turn into your brothers” (usually when they’re fighting with each other). He’s so happy and easy-going. I think the third child must instinctively know that they have to be good and chilled out!

He’s almost 10 months old (on the 23rd) and he sits up like a champ and can get himself to a sitting position by himself. He doesn’t crawl with his knees yet, but that kid can get wherever he needs to in a hurry by doing his army crawl! It’s so funny to watch him! He’s pretty darn quick!! If I stand him up at the couch or ottoman or something, he’ll stand there for a few seconds and then “boom”, he’s on the floor. Good thing for carpet and padded diapers! He has started to pull himself up to his bouncy chair though. He can almost get in AND out of it on his own!

He’s a little chunky butt! He gained 5lbs in 3 months! Once I stopped nursing and he went to food and formula, he plumped right up! His knees even have rolls! And he’s got major thunder thighs!! My little butterball! But, his belly, arms, face and feet are all skinny! He’s just got big legs!

He’s not saying many words. Mostly just babbles a lot. He does say “Mama” and “Dada”, but they’re not always directed towards us. He loves to eat table food now, but he’s only got two teeth, so I’m very limited in what I can give him right now. It’s gotta be something that can be easily gummed and melted away with LOTS of saliva! He loves mashed potatoes! I seriously don’t know how Will and Cam are mine and Todd’s…they HATE mashed potatoes! Hopefully Peyton will be our one child that loves them as much as we do! He eats lots of puffs and I’ve recently started giving him cheerios! More end up in his chair and floor than do his mouth much of the time, but he’s learning! I’ve also recently given him very watered down apple juice and he LOVES that (of course)! I’ve tried the cup thing, but he likes to play with it and ends up dropping the cup and then the water (or juice) goes everywhere! Or, he’ll “lose” it in his chair and get REALLY mad!! I’ve got two months to go until we say goodbye to bottles FOREVER!!! Now, if I could only say the same about diapers!

All three boys were at my parents last week for four days! It was wonderful! So quiet in the house! No screaming, crying, whining, changing diapers, getting drinks, making food, getting snacks, rushing out of the house in the morning, etc. Todd and I actually made it to work EARLY the entire week!

We did miss them though! While we enjoyed the peacefulness of it, the house was just entirely TOO quiet. We kept saying “what the heck did we do before kids?” We were probably pretty boring people with boring lives! When we were on our way home from work the day the boys got back, Todd asked if I was excited to see them and did I miss them and I replied that “I missed Will’s quirkiness, Cam’s craziness and Peyton’s sweetness.” And all three of those adjectives fit them SO well! They’re all three so different, yet so much alike and I just love them SO much!

So, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll work on posting pictures and hopefully won’t go a month until my next blog!

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