Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yay Cameron

I don't want to jinx myself, and I probably shouldn't blog about this, but what the heck…!

So, up until this past Saturday, Cameron had absolutely NO desire to sit on the potty. I'm talkin NONE. That boy is so unbelievably stubborn, it's crazy!

I bought some Dum-Dum's as a bribe and I told him that every time he sat on the potty, he'd get a sucker. Pee or no pee. Now, Cameron is a smart cookie, and I was one step ahead of him. I knew that if I didn't set the timer, he'd be in there all day, just so he could get a sucker!

I set the timer at one hour intervals and he was actually excited to go sit when the timer went off. He couldn't figure out how to release it though.

He woke up from his nap and we went straight to the bathroom, and nothing. He said he wanted some Gummy Life Savers, and I told him he couldn't have any unless he actually peed. We got up, set the timer for twenty minutes, went back and HE PEED!!! Yay Cameron! He was SOOOOO excited! Todd and I made a HUGE deal out of it and he totally loved that!

There was no peeing in the potty on Sunday though.

I got a call from Lynne on Monday and Cameron stood up from the lunch table and said "I gotta go tee-tee" and RAN to the bathroom and WENT!! Woohoo! And he went three times onTuesday!!

Yay for Cameron! Hopefully he'll be trained completely in the next month!! Fingers are crossed!

Gosh, it will be SO nice to have only one child in diapers…wow!!

Operation No Bottle

Has been a success!!!

Yay for Peyton!

He had his last bottle Friday night, September 25. I just got rid of it cold turkey, and he's done awesome!

Saturday was a bit of an adjustment. He was used to getting a bottle in the morning when he woke up and one before bed. He definitely knew something was missing, but he did just fine!

He kind of resisted the cup on Saturday, but I think it clicked finally "Hey, I'm thirsty…I better drink this!" And he did!

So, here we are, five days later and I think I'm gonna throw all the bottles away! Woohoo!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

If it’s out there, Will’s going to get it!

I swear, this kid has gone thru more in his five years than I have in my entire life!

Let's list everything:

2 years old (1/2006): Allergic reaction to cashews on an airplane. Had I not given him Benadryl before the flight (for congestion), he probably wouldn't be here.

2 ½ years old (11/2006): Surgery on his right thumb. His thumb wouldn't straighten out, so he had to have surgery and have some tendons removed so it would straighten and grow correctly.

3 years old (12/2007): Shingles. What three-year old gets shingles? They were BAD too! I'll spare everyone the pics!

5 years old (4/2009): I managed to run over his hand with a shopping basket and rip his finger nail off. His finger nail grew back just fine, but he has some scarring on the top of his hand.

5 years old (9/2009): Swine Flu! Yep. He tested positive on 9/21. Of course he got it! Poor kid gets everything! He luckily had a very mild case of it. Mostly just fever for two days.

Wow, he managed to go thru all of 2008 without anything major! I don't even think he was very sick that year!

He's a tough little kid!


It always amazes me to see the difference in the boys when they were all the same age! Of course, Cameron is always the biggest, followed by Peyton and then Will! It'll be interesting to see how each of them progress over the years!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peyton!!!

Where has the time gone? I just can’t believe that he is already ONE! There just aren’t words to describe what joy he has brought to our lives. He has totally made our little family complete. It’s so hard to imagine that a whole year ago, he made his way into this world!

The morning started with all of us singing “Happy Birthday” to him! He was so excited to see us and hear us singing!

Good morning!!

I went and bought a small cake so the five of us could celebrate tonight!

Oh.My.Gosh. He LOVED the cake!!! He had no problem getting down and dirty! It was awesome!

Hmmm...what is this?

It kinda tastes yummy...

Yeah, I think I like it...


This is celebration number one…we’ll do a family thing in a couple of weeks and he’ll get MORE cake!!!

Let’s see…what has he done this past year?

He is not walking, but that’s ok. It’s weird because when Will and Cameron were one (and at their party), they were both walking. I just can’t imagine Peyton walking. He’s still a baby (in my eyes)! He is really good at cruising along furniture and can pull up on just about anything. Sometimes anything doesn’t quite work and he gets hurt or something falls on him! I don’t anticipate him walking until he’s at least 15-18 months. We’ll see…

I'm ONE...haha!

He sure can crawl like a champ though! I go to rush to shut a door and I turn around and he’s already made it to the door!! Speedy crawler!

He’s got 6 teeth total right now. Two on the bottom and four on the top.

Those teeth and dimples...

He LOVES to “talk”! His favorite word is “eh/huh”. You’ll hear it in the videos. It’s funny! He’s gotten good at mimicking us though. He can kind of say “hello” and “buh bye”. And he says “Mama” and “Da-Da” sometimes. But mostly, he just loves to babble and be really LOUD about it!!

I’m SO, SO glad to not have to buy formula anymore! I can’t complain too much though. He nursed exclusively for 7 months, so I only had to buy formula for 5 months…but whew, I’m glad I don’t have to buy it anymore! And bye-bye bottles! Well, come Monday…bye-bye bottles! I’ve been putting half formula and half milk in his bottles for a couple weeks now, to get him used to milk, and he’s tolerated it really well. We’ll be 100% milk in the next couple of days. With Will and Cameron, when they turned a year, we quit bottles cold turkey and it was totally fine. I’m hoping it’ll go just as smooth with Peyton. He’s pretty good with a sippy cup, not great, but he’ll get better. He won’t have a choice! So, YAY for no more formula and bottles!

He has his one year check-up on Friday. I’m anxious to see how much he’s grown this past year! He’s a little chunky butt!!

One week old...and so scrawny and little!

One year old...and not so scrawny and little!

Happy Birthday to my little Punkin Pie!!