Friday, September 25, 2009

If it’s out there, Will’s going to get it!

I swear, this kid has gone thru more in his five years than I have in my entire life!

Let's list everything:

2 years old (1/2006): Allergic reaction to cashews on an airplane. Had I not given him Benadryl before the flight (for congestion), he probably wouldn't be here.

2 ½ years old (11/2006): Surgery on his right thumb. His thumb wouldn't straighten out, so he had to have surgery and have some tendons removed so it would straighten and grow correctly.

3 years old (12/2007): Shingles. What three-year old gets shingles? They were BAD too! I'll spare everyone the pics!

5 years old (4/2009): I managed to run over his hand with a shopping basket and rip his finger nail off. His finger nail grew back just fine, but he has some scarring on the top of his hand.

5 years old (9/2009): Swine Flu! Yep. He tested positive on 9/21. Of course he got it! Poor kid gets everything! He luckily had a very mild case of it. Mostly just fever for two days.

Wow, he managed to go thru all of 2008 without anything major! I don't even think he was very sick that year!

He's a tough little kid!

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