Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Will really understands the whole "Santa" thing this year.

It's actually really improved his behavior!

He asked me the other day how long he had to be good for? Just until Santa comes? Silly boy!

He's asking Santa for a Nintendo DS and you better believe I'll be using that thing as punishment if he's not good after Santa comes!!

We were at a Christmas party the other night and Santa made an appearance and he was asking all the kids if they've been good this year. And Will (who at 5 is still semi-afraid of Santa) whispers to me "Mommy, can you please tell him I've been a good boy this year?" It was so cute and funny at the time!

Then I got to thinking that I'm sometimes too hard on him. And then it made me sad that he would ask me something like that. He's been a bit troublesome lately. The boy loves to argue and can't just accept an answer and has to have the last word. Drives me CA-RAZY! Now, I will probably appreciate this when he's grown up and a successful lawyer making the big bucks, but until then, it's frustrating!!

So, I have to assure him that he's not a bad boy. He just does bad things something, but he's a kid and it's to be expected.

Will is a thinker and takes things to heart and I have to remind myself of this often. Cameron lets things I say to him roll right off his back...no big deal. Not Will though. He's becoming more and more like me as he gets older!

Sweet Will...my sensitive, argumentative child...I do love him!!

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